Cryptocurrency security


Passfolio Crypto is a product of Panchain Financial, LLC, who partnered with Gemini to support Crypto trading and custody in the Passfolio app. Thanks to this partnership, you will be able to see and trade all cryptocurrencies offered by Gemini and have access to its order book, allowing more liquidity to your trading.

The settlement, clearing and custody of all cryptocurrency purchases will happen in Gemini, with Passfolio playing a key role in connecting you with other investors to provide the best possible service in terms of liquidity, price and security.

The majority of your cryptocurrency is held in Gemini's offline, air-gapped Cold Storage system. A small portion of it is held in Gemini's fully-insured, online Hot Wallet. You can check further information about each one of the systems, Gemini's certifications and infrastructure security here

Also, your account password is never stored in plaintext and our mobile applications securely communicate with our servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

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